By James Ward

AN Irish food expert is on a mission to show how seaweed salads can help you live a healthier life.

Dermot Twomey, a food technologist for over 40 years. has developed a range of healthy seaweed snacks that are completely organic.

The Corkman, who has worked abroad in countries such as South Africa and Saudi Arabia, has produced a range of salads that optimise a plentiful but underutilised resource.

He told the Irish Sunday Mirror: ‘When I got near to retirement age I decided I’d work for myself. My food technology background and my interest in nutritional eating combined when I came across the kind of seaweed products that they eat in the Far East.

“I remember eating seaweed in stews when I was a child. But Asians would eat it in a much more palatable way than just thrown in with a stew. So I felt this would be an ideal way to combine both worlds.”

Dermot’s company, Healthy You. produces salads with more than 20 vitamins and minerals. Seaweed is also a major source of iodine, essential for maintaining healthy thyroid function. He explained: “There’s about 20 different minerals and traces of elements that are more or less essential co-factors in different biochemical reactions in your body, all associated with digestion and energy transfer. “If you are depleted in them, some of these reactions may not be completed at all.”

Dermot has teamed up with the Food Academy Programme, a joint initiative between SuperValu, BordBia and the Local Enterprise Office Network, to make his Healthy You range available in local supermarkets.

And he believes people are more open to the idea of a seaweed salad. He said “I would say try it, and you will be utterly surprised”



By Roz Crowley

The benefits of seaweed are well documented with iron and iodine among a long list of minerals as well as a large number of vitamins. It’s not easy to find palatable seaweed product but this one has a lovely zing of ginger, some chopped olives, soy sauce and a little malt vinegar. The texture of the shredded kelp has a decent chew, but is not leathery, as is often the case with seaweeds. Use in green salads to add texture and flavour or on the side with meats. Available Coal Quay market, Quay Co-op, Good Fish Co, Cork and others at


Cork Evening Echo

By Joe McNamee

Today’s special
A regular and deeply committed sinner, The Menu appreciates full well the value of occasional atonement, particularly when sins are of an edible nature. So healthy and beneficial is Dermot Twomey’s Sesame Seaweed Salad, its consumption is the culinary equivalent of having the pope himself rattle out a few novenas for one’s penitential soul, rarely has umami hit and merest hint of salty sea. Why, this could near cause a body to turn his back on sin entirely!